Say Goodbye to Cold Showers in Kitchener with a New Tank Water Heater

At Boehmers/Cronin Emery Home Services by Enercare, we offer a wide number of standard tank-style water heaters. Our professionals will partner with you to pick which type will be best for your Kitchener home and your resources.

We’ll help you find the heater able to keep up with your hot water demands while maintaining energy efficiency too. Many of our ENERGY STAR®-certified models have superior insulation, heat traps and more efficient burners, which can reduce energy expenditure by up to 8 percent.

No matter what your hot water needs are, you’ll be able to select from numerous capacities of storage tank water heaters with assistance from the professionals at Boehmers/Cronin Emery Home Services by Enercare.

All of our water heaters are upheld by our worry free guarantee,* so you can be certain you’ll never have to be concerned about running out of hot water again while showering.

Hot Water When You Want It

A tank heater holds water that’s always the right temperature, so it’s prepared at whatever time you need it. Sizes vary from 20 to 80 gallons, but most homes do well with a 40- or 50-gallon tank.

When the dishwasher, washing machine or shower is going, hot water is drawn from the top of the tank and streams quickly to where you need it. The water heater then takes cold water into the bottom of the tank and heats it so more warm water is available when it’s needed.

Tank water heaters are usually less expensive to purchase and set up than other water heaters. While tankless water heaters are the stars of energy efficiency, a tank heater can still be efficient—particularly ENERGY STAR models.

Reach out to Boehmers/Cronin Emery Home Services by Enercare today at 519-804-1617 for a free consultation and quote on ENERGY STAR tank water heaters. We provide excellent equipment choices, expertise and expert service—for all your plumbing needs in Kitchener.