Expert Water Heater Replacement and Repair in Kitchener

Whether you need to replace or repair your water heater, Boehmers/Cronin Emery Home Services by Enercare has the skill you need.

Our experienced plumbing specialists can complete any water heater repair that comes our way in Kitchener.

We offer top systems—from tankless water heaters and solar/hybrids to traditional tank water heaters—so we know how each type works and can get the job done quickly and professionally. And all of our services are upheld with a worry free guarantee.*

Replace Your Water Heater

From standard tank water heaters to tankless to solar water heaters, we have a choice that will match your needs and use less energy.

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Tank Water Heaters

Tank water heaters are a standard kind of water heater. They accommodate 30 to 60 gallons, with most models being 50 gallons. They continuously heat water so hot water is consistently available.

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Water Heater Repair and Maintenance

Boehmers/Cronin Emery Home Services by Enercare has expertise to fix your water heater and have your household back to normal. We can also suggest a preventive maintenance plan that will keep your water heater in working order.

Contact us at 519-804-1617 or get a free no obligation quote online today.

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Save More with ENERGY STAR® Water Heaters

Heating your water can take up a lot of energy. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy says it’s the second-largest expense in your household, making up 18 percent of your gas bill. The only bigger percentage is heating and cooling costs.

Boehmers/Cronin Emery Home Services by Enercare can help you use less hot water and lower water heating costs with ENERGY STAR-rated models, adding low-flow fixtures and consulting with you on other energy-efficiency enhancements.