Help! My AC is Leaking Water in KitchenerWhy Its Taking Place and How to Take Care of It

Air conditioners are made to keep your residence comfortable by removing warmth and extra humidity from the air. As the AC extracts humidity from the air, it creates condensate, or water, within your furnace or air handler. This water is usually sent through piping into your house’s drain system.

Sometimes, an issue or sludge accumulation may lead to the piping becoming obstructed. When this takes place, moisture backs up in the drain pan inside. It can then spill into your home.

Here are the most possible explanations why your AC is leaking water and how to fix the trouble. These troubles often call for pro assistance, but we’re here to support you at Boehmers/Cronin Emery Home Services by Enercare. We proudly offer Expert air conditioning repair in Kitchener supported by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.*

1. Condensate Drain is Full

When warm air moves over the evaporator coil, water vapor forms on the chilly metal surface. Eventually, this liquid flows down the condensate line and into a pan under it. As the cooling sequence progresses, the condensate goes away before the pan overflows.

However, algae mineral deposits, dirt and other accumulations could lead to a plugged drain. This stops the condensate from streaming away as intended. Trust the unclogging steps to a specialist like Boehmers/Cronin Emery Home Services by Enercare to make sure it’s completed properly and without leading to additional damage.

2. Condensate Pump is Broken

Several air conditioners have a condensate pump to suitably remove the water. Even if the drain isn’t blocked, water could accrue in the pan and seep out if the condensate pump is inoperable. Ensure the pump is receiving power. If that’s not the hindrance, you should call an air conditioning contractor like Boehmers/Cronin Emery Home Services by Enercare to unearth and fix the problem.

3. Evaporator Coil is Dirty or Broken

If you discover tiny drips instead of a sizeable puddle by your air conditioner, water could be bouncing off the evaporator coil instead of going down the condensate line. This might occur if the coils are grimy, or if holes in the insulation surrounding the coils deflect the condensate. The wisest method to stop the evaporator coil from falling into disrepair is to stay on top of regular air conditioning maintenance.

4. Evaporator Coil is Frosty

A coating of crystals can materialize on the indoor coils, which trickles onto the floor as it melts. If you come across this, turn off your air conditioner immediately to prevent killing the compressor. The evaporator coil can freeze due to limited airflow. To avoid this, get a new filter before it becomes dirty. If that doesn’t repair the issue, the refrigerant is possibly low or additional repairs are necessary. You’ll need an experienced HVAC technician like one from Boehmers/Cronin Emery Home Services by Enercare to examine the charge and mend any leaks.

Our Experts Can Manage All Your Air Conditioning Repair Needs

No matter why your AC is leaking water, Boehmers/Cronin Emery Home Services by Enercare can set things right. We’ll check and repair your air conditioner, getting it back to working again without delay.

Our technicians are highly trained, knowledgeable and ACE-certified to ensure a job well done. We have full confidence in our service—in fact, we uphold everything we perform with a one-year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!*

We’ll even advise a stress-free membership plan. This could help you catch AC problems ahead of time so you can avoid later breakdowns while keeping your house cooler.

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