Air Handlers

Simplify Your Heating and Cooling in Kitchener with Our Collection of Air Handlers

What is an air handler? We have gotten that question once or twice before. Air handlers circulate air as part of your HVAC system. Even better, they’re a good fit for residential systems and will work with almost any air conditioner or heat pump.

Boehmers/Cronin Emery Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning carries all Lennox® air handlers in Kitchener. All options feature an airtight cabinet and innovative technology that produces efficient, conditioned air throughout your home. Plus, a new indoor air handler, combined with a new outdoor heating and cooling system will help you stay green in two ways: you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, which will lead to big savings on your energy expenses. You’re jumping for joy, right? It’s okay, we won’t tell anyone.

Maximum Efficiency

  • CBX40
  • CBX32MV

Moderate Efficiency

  • CBX27

Standard Efficiency

  • CB32M
  • CBX25UHV
  • CBX25UH

Boehmers/Cronin Emery Service Experts is a one-stop shop for all your Kitchener heating and cooling needs. Our professionals sell, install and service all heating, air handling, air conditioning and ventilation products so you can (almost) forget about your unit once it’s in place. We also offer routine maintenance plans to keep it working at top efficiency year-in and year-out. It’s as easy as it sounds – so schedule your free appointment or give us a call at 519-804-1617 today.

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